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Caps and Dampers | Rowlett

Often overlooked, caps and damper are among the most important pieces in any chimney. And you need them to be efficient, reliable, durable and weathertight. Check with our experts in your area to perfectly fit dampers and caps that adapt to your every need. When you call for a chimney sweep, make sure they check your cap and damper. The mesh surrounding your chimney cap eventually collects soot and creosote, so it is always a good idea to have it cleaned using special equipment designed to remove the buildup fast and easy. Call our chimney sweep experts and make sure your chimney cap, damper and flue are in top condition. If you need to boost your chimney efficiency, talk to one of our representatives to find out the best products and solutions for your fireplace.
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Chimney Cleaning And Sweeping | Rowlett

Get rid of creosote and debris build up and get your chimney working at top efficiency with our chimney sweep services. As soon as you start noticing smoke and odors inside your home, or before the heating season starts, let our experts perform a thorough clean-up of your chimney. There are parts that are really hard to reach. The smoke shelf and the smoke chambers usually require special tools to get a thorough chimney sweep, and reaching the chimney crown might be a risky move without a safety harness. That´s why letting experts perform regular chimney cleanups is so important.
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Commercial and HOA Properties | Rowlett

Dealing with multiple properties or being in charge of menial chimney tasks for your community has never been easier. Our subscription and scheduling systems are designed to make your work easier and always provide top of the line services for each one of your properties. Give us a call and start feeling in control of your chimney duties all year round. Here is a list of our locations. Just click on the one that´s closest to you and get on the phone with one of our local chimney sweep representatives to get a quote or schedule a visit.
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Fireplace Refacing | Rowlett

When your hearth room needs a facelift, your fireplace is the place to start if you don´t want it to hold you back and stick out like a sore thumb for years to come. We work with the best materials and experienced interior designers who will make sure your vision comes true while guaranteeing top quality work. We also provide upgrading options if you want to switch to gas or replace your chimney for an electric fireplace.
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Masonry Services | Rowlett

Most chimney problems boil down to structural deterioration. We repair or replace flue bricks and mortar, fix your chimney crown and take care of any cracks it might have. Forget about water infiltration, unwanted air drafts, or tilted chimneys. Our fireplace masonry experts will make sure your chimney is up to code and working at full efficiency. Call our chimney repair experts if you see any signs of deterioration, or after any major event. Such as lightning strikes, severe storms, chimney fires, earthquakes, a fallen tree… It is always better to be safe than sorry!
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