Fireplace Refacing

Fireplace Refacing

When the time to so a room refresh comes, many factors need to be included in the conversation. Having a completely redesigned room more often than not requires a complete fireplace refacing.

An old and outdated fireplace can soon become an eyesore, and even have a negative impact in your home´s overall value. Make sure you consult with professional chimney masons for awesome fireplace refacing ideas.

Fireplaces are real focal points of any room. It means that, no matter how you plan to rearrange and enhance a room, if you don´t reface your fireplace, it will stick out like a sore thumb. You need it to blend seamlessly with your interior´s style and make sure it operates safely and efficiently.

We work with high quality materials and will guide you through the whole process. From design to execution. Choose materials for your chimney, hearth and mantel, and make sure everything is up to code.

We also provide upgrading options if you want to switch to gas or replace your chimney for an electric fireplace. There are many considerations regarding materials and structural changes for each of these options. We love the look and feel of wooden logs burning inside a well build chimney, but there are situations where gas or electric fireplaces are recommended.

Just make sure you first talk to our fireplace experts if you want to perform a fireplace refacing. Giving your chimney and hearth a new look is now easy and more affordable than you´d think.

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